" If Madrasahs of those drunks
Became the educational institutes
Of teaching philosophy of
Epicures, Plato and Aristotle;

If Abode and Mazars of Peer and Drabesh
Is turned into research institutes,

If men instead of following blind faith of religion
Should have cultivated ethics,

If the abode of worships were turned into
Centers of learning of all academic activities,

If instead of studying religion, men
Would have devoted to develop mathematics - algebra,

If logic of science would have occupied the place of
Sufism, faith and superstition,

Religion that divides human beings
Would have replaced by humanism, ....

Then world would have turned into haven,
The world on other side then would have extinguished,
The world would then become full of

And there is no doubt about it."
( ~ Omar Khayyam)

Dear members,

Today is the first anniversary of Mukto-mona. Just a year ago on this day  Mukto-mona was  formed keeping an aim in mind to  transform cultures, promote goodwill and  to  encourage people to think independently, without the need for faith in a particular dogma. Mukto-mona tried to build a platform for the members of different origin to form their own opinions on topics through a free and open discussion with the other members. The forum  thus took an initiative to improve the process of critical thinking among the members and to provide a parallel encouragement in freethinking, humanism and rationalism in contrast to rigid adherence to what are perceived to be the most basic and traditional principles and beliefs. This is a very courageous attempt  to build a platform of freethinking at that time while the whole world was seemed to gain  raise of fanaticism and dogmatism in some sectors, specially in Indian subcontinent.

One question is asked quite frequently  whether all the members of mukto-mona are really free from all kinds of dogma, if not how can we call this forum as "mukto-mona" ! Well, the answer is, there is no hidden religious/non-religious/political agenda for the subscription of membership in Mukto-mona- the aim is not to come to an agreed position on the topics in particular, but to encourage the interaction amongst members having different views. Thus, Mukto-mona does not wish to put restriction on the subscription of any member because of the ideology s/he holds, but   wishes to promote a theme of freedom of thought, fairness of debate, honesty, democracy, and equality among the members. It's a great feeling to have people among us actively listen to what you or other members have to say. People with strongly held, unchallenged views, will find the discussion thought provoking.  So this is the way of becoming the part of "Mukto-mona", and be part of the new millennium in thinking.

What is the achievement of Mukto-mona in last one year? Well it is not a pleasant task for us to beat our own drum. We think it's totally our members' concern. Mr. fatemolla ( MM : THE RUNNING BABY ) and Mr. Abul Kasem ( Mukto-mona leads the way ) have already pointed out some of our achievements in their articles. It's our great pride to see freethinkers gathered in Mukto-mona not just for the thinking, they took initiative to move their thoughts into action out of social responsibility. Dear members, if we really did anything praiseworthy, all credit is yours !

What is the future of Mukto-mona ? Future of Mukto-mona is you, dear members. There are many unfinished tasks in our hand . One of our objectives should be from now on to build an infra-structure to form case against those prominent Razakars and collaborators accused of war crimes in 1971  in Bangladesh in the eye of international law, so that our members can make it possible for Mukto-mona to institute suits against those collaborators of '71 living in various countries of the world, specially the western ones including the U.S. under the principles of international law. We should not forget about the countless Bengali women who were targeted for traumatic atrocities, harassment  and abuses, notably gang sexual assault and rape/murder in the horrifying days of the Pakistani genocide. We could not do much rather than shedding tears for those unfortunate Bitranganas ("Heroic women" of war) in our past.  Indeed, it is the high time to put pressure on Pakistan   to get their apology at least, remembering more than 450,000 Bangalee women raped and molested by Pakistani occupation army, demand the recognition of the unrecognized heroines of our Liberation War.

Thanks to the members who have spent their valuable time to write something on this occasion.  All of their articles are kept in mukto-mona site ( www.mukto-mona.com ).