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14th April is a new year day on Bangla calender. It's a very special festive occasion for the Bangalis. We will have a special page, under the special event section, in our web page on that day. We would like to request you to send poems, short stories and essays on your topic of interests for this occasion.....

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(The poem "Mukto-mona" is written by fatemolla)

We encourage freethinking, humanism and rationalism among our members. Mukto-mona Forum is for debate/discussion on religion, politics, philosophy, history, feminism, art and literature. We wish to offer here a friendly atmosphere free from personal attacks. We follow special Guidelines for posting messages in the forum. People with open minds from all over the world are welcome to join Mukto-mona and help us enrich our minds through discussions and debates. 


Rationalism, Freethinking and Prospects of Mukto-mona ....

"Rationalism and freethinking are totally western concepts and we, the oriental people brought those philosophies from western civilization" this erroneous idea is firmly established among the common people. We also erroneously believe that the humanistic revival of classical art, architecture, literature, and learning that originated in Italy in the 14th century...... (Read More)

Special focus is given to the history and politics of the Indian sub-continent, events related to Bangladesh, Bangla art, culture and language. We salute all our freedom fighter members proudly on this august day of Independence.


In the spotlight :  

Buddhist Monk Killed by BNP cadres: By Professor Ajoy K Roy

Attempt is being made to divert the course of killing of Buddhist monk at Raozan. For this purpose a new story behind the killing has been fabricated- i.e. the police is trying to establish that real reason behind the killing is land dispute. However, according to his first FIR, Sulal Barua alleged that BNP cadres belonging to S. K. Choudhury faction committed the crime for extortion of money and ultimately with the intention of grabbing the property in the absence of the monk., ... ....(Read more)

Read Prof. Ajoy K. Roy's Column - "Opressed Minorities"

Did You Know? ... The mass killings in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) in 1971 vie with the annihilation of the Soviet POWs, the holocaust against the Jews, and the genocide in Rwanda are considered to be as the most concentrated act of genocide in the twentieth century.. But what do our freethinkers think on this issue ?

Worst Genocide? Lopa Tasneem

Re: Worst Genocide Shafiq Ahmad 



FEER_cover_icon040702.jpg (4547 bytes) Did You Know? .... Bangladesh Government has already decided to take action through Information and Foreign ministries against the  "propaganda against Bangladesh from abroad by a vested quarter" to taint the country's image by portraying Bangladesh a "fundamentalist" country. The decision taken by the Bangladesh Government against "hateful  propaganda" came in front following a recent report published against Bangladesh in the Hong Kong-based newspaper the Far Eastern Economic Review [BANGLADESH: A Cocoon of Terror By Bertil Lintner/DHAKA]

But what do our mukto-mona members think on  such issue ?

Voices of Reason : Rahfat Hussain

FEER article on Bangladesh: Naeem Mohaiemmen

RE: FEER article on Bangladesh: Dr. Abdul Momen

RE: FEER article/Daily Star editorial: Dr. Alamgir Hussain

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Did You Know? ... Some people think one of the greatest unexplained phenomena was the strange relationships between President J.F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. But what do our mukto-mona members think about such "remarkable" coincidences that has been circulating on the internet ... ...

Lincoln and Kennedy: Bound by coincidence Shayon Saleh

Re : Lincoln and Kennedy: Bound by coincidence : Avijit Roy 

Re : Lincoln and Kennedy: Bound by coincidence : Aparthib Zaman


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