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[K Rahman]

Neither matter nor energy can be created or destroyed in this universe of three dimension plus time. This is the law of science. This universe itself must have been created by someone in some other domain free from dimensions and time and for that matter the above laws of science. That someone in the other domain is God.


[My response]

Well, recent developments in physics and cosmology provide new insights into the origins of the cosmos and natural law, The  scenario of a natural, purely material, self-contained, uncreated universe can now be drawn that is consistent with and is indeed strongly suggested by existing knowledge in physics and cosmology. You may read some recent journals featuring scientists describing scenarios in which "quantum fluctuation,"  could have resulted in matter and energy emerging in the universe without violating laws of science. They are consistent with all existing knowledge, while claims of a supernatural creator do not match existing knowledge. The idea that a universe cannot come out of "nothing" and essentially need a supernatural being to create  is contradictory and self-defeating. It begs the old-aged question: "If the universe cannot come from nothing, then how can God come from nothing?" How can you by pass the "violation of laws of science" while arguing on existence of God ?