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World-wide Oppression and Protest from Mukto-mona

Mukto-mona is not only a discussion forum; it also appears as an action group. We raise our voices against many unjust acts around the globe. We sent petitions to the President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf for saving the life of Dr M Younus Shaikh, to the Prime minister of Bangladesh, Begum Khaleda Zia showing concerns at the recent spate of atrocities committed against the Hindu community in Bangladesh and for the release of Shahriar Kabir, the well-known writer, journalist. The petitions can be viewed at :


Mukto-mona also supported Drishtipat ( http://www.drishtipat.org ) on their Fund raise campaign ("Cheye Dekho Campaign") for the recent minority victims of Bangladesh (Nov-Dec, 2001). Some of our members have been directly involved with Drishtipat on their efforts.

We also expressed our concerns for Urgent Action Appeal for 10 Prisoners of Conscience in danger of execution in Iran.


Oppressed World


Write to Bangladesh Government : By Dr. Abdul Momen

Dear Friends, The names of many victims have been published in a book along with dozens of photographs but the Bangladesh government banned its distribution outside. No one can carry these reports abroad. A few persons that tried to take them out of the country have been arrested at the airport and are now being charged with sedition. I am attaching only four photographs herewith for your quick glance. Every day, on average 10/12 people are being murdered in Bangladesh--- it exceeded that of....(Read more)


Sexual Harassment and the Public Woman : By Dina M. Siddiqi


The frenzy of harassment, gang rape and subsequent suicides in the last two months has made it difficult to keep track of the specifics of each incident. Fahima, Rahima, Indrani, Sabina -- these names and the horrific events associated with them have begun to blur into one another. In addition there are women, like the two  ..(Read more)


"Annada Prasad" Cries in Silence & Anguish By Dr. Ajoy K. Roy


Bhola a remote district from the capital surrounded by on all sides rivers and riverines, on the south lies the Bay of Bengal, is made of coastal plain land not much above 5 ft from sea level. On the eastern side the mighty Meghna flows into Bay, whereas on the north and western side river Tetulia, a branch of Meghna falls into Bay. From this point of view it is an island floating on the bay.The district administration extends main Bhola and a few islands (chars) including Rajapur, Gangapur, Charpatila, ....(Read more)

Visit: Prof. Roy's world - "The oppressed Minorities"


Ethnic Cleansing In Ahmedabad Forwarded by Farruk Ahmed


The recent widespread communal violence in Gujarat has shocked the world. The UN Human Rights Commissioner Mary Robinson has also voiced her deep concern. People from all walks of life in India have reacted with shock and dismay.  ...(Read more)


Palestinian suffering : Forwarded by Lopa Tasneem


A recent essay by Edward Said on the Palestine issue here. A short biography of Edward Said from The Nation: Edward W. Said, the University Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, is the magazine's classical music critic as well as ...(Read more)

Eyewitness report from Ramallah : Forwareded by Saptarshi Ray


Ramallah, Occupied Palestine: My name is Tzaporah Ryter. I am an American student from the University of Minnesota. I currently am in Ramallah. We are under a terrible siege and people are being massacred by both the Israeli army and armed militia groups of Israeli settlers. ...(Read more)


CHAIN OF ISLAM ! An appeal to Save Dr. Shaikh by Satya Sondhani


Dear readers, Have a look at CHAIN OF ISLAM ,the greatest and the most tolerant religion on this earth, according to some claims !! And yes,the person in picture is none but Dr. Younus Shaikh of Pakistan, one among thousands of those of US, who have been on their way to be annihilated from earth FOR..... simply exercising common sense. 

Readears, be cautious while reading/thinking/speaking/teaching this fatal weapon called I-S-L-A-M. I feel for you.....(Read more)

Bangladesh intellectuals appeal to save the life of Dr Shaikh

Alan Levin's call to Save Dr. Shaikh in Mukto-mona 

Mukto-mona Modrator's call to Save Dr. Shaikh


My Lost Country - Kashmir : By Muzamil Jaleel


Not long ago, somebody asked me what kind of stories I wrote. Obituaries came to mind. As a reporter in Kashmir I have been literally writing obituaries for the past 10 years; only the characters and places change, the stories are always the same, full of misery and tears. And when in October last year   ...(Read more)


Let the sense of Censor Board Returns: Remove Ban From "Matir Moina"

We already know that Bangladeshi film 'Matir Moyna' by Tariq and Catherine Masud has earned a rare distinction and honor for the country from the international Cannes film festival. Matir Moyna was adjudged the best film out of 40 films shown in Director's fortnight and International Critics' Week. But it is very unfortunate for our country that the film is still banned  ....(Read more)

Sign the petition - Remove the ban on MATIR MOINA



Bangladeshi Nation Demand Justice


The Secretary General

United Nations Organization

Dear Mr. Kofi Anan,

With all due respect, we would like to bring to your notice one of the most horrible genocide of the 20th century that had occurred in 1971 in the then East Pakistan, which is now known as Bangladesh.

On 25th March 1971 at around midnight, the ferocious Pakistani army had come out from the barracks and massacred the unarmed, innocent and sleeping people. 3,000,000 people were massacred, 200,000 women were raped and hundreds of villages were burnt to ashes and razed to the ground from 25th March till 16th December 1971. Millions of people lived in tents on the other side of the border facing starvation and famine (Read more and sign)


Save Dr. Younus Shaikh

I am shocked and horrified at the death penalty awarded to Dr. Shaikh. I hereby call on all governments to put moral and diplomatic pressure on the government of Pakistan to get Dr. Shaikh released and to offer him refuge. I urge the President of Pakistan General Musharraf (Read more and sign)



 Call from Mukto-mona to Stop Brutal Extermination of Palestinians !

To:  All concerned Authorities

The recent actions of the government of Ariel Sharon have gone far, far beyond the boundaries of acceptable conduct from any government. The Israeli government has supposedly lurched into action because of the suicide bombings carried out by the Palestinians. However, the distinction that must be made here is that an elected government that allegedly operates following democratic norms and conditions, should not respond by indiscriminate attacks upon a civilian population to “capture” militants. The Israeli government has proclaimed that their all out offensive on the Palestinians is a success as they have already captured “terrorist” leaders and active militants. However, the question that needs to be asked is whether the price that innocent have to pay for this “success” of Israel is either worth it or acceptable.. (Read more)


Petition from Drishtipat for Tarek Chowdhury and Ajharul Hoque

To:  Prime Minister of Bangladesh

Prime Minister Khaleda Zia
Office of the Prime Minister
Gona Bhaban
Sher-e-Bangla Nagar

We the undersigned are greatly concerned over the arrest on 13 March 2002 of two staff members of the non-governmental organization, Proshika ("A Centre for Human Development") has raised serious concern about the Bangladeshi government's observance of its obligations under international human rights law to ensure the right to freedom of expression. (Read more and sign)

Omar Tarek and Ajharul of Proshika Set Free: Prof. Ajoy K Roy Fri  4/5/2002

Proshika Episode 2 Ajoy K Roy Thu  3/21/2002
Proshika Episode-1 Dr. Ajoy K Roy Sun  3/17/2002


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