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Recent Debate

Should we ban student politics ?

BUET student dies in crossfire : by Shabbir Ahmed     

One of my friends (he was involved in Bangladesh Chathra Union) told me one time (in 1980) that he didn't know how long the BUET campus would remain free from arms given the progress of "arms-distribution" among students throughout Bangladesh to promote Bangladeshi Jathiothabadi politics by the then military junta under military dictator Ziaur Rahman. After twenty-two years, now the party of that military dictator along with killer Jamatis has brought arms into the BUET campus where academic environment was not polluted by the partisan arms-based student politics even during the worst times under the second military dictator General Ershad... .(Read more)


  Subject Author Date
6496 Petition : Should We Ban Student Politics? Avijit Roy Thu  6/20/2002
6487 Re: Should We Ban Student Politics? Chaumtoli Huq Wed  6/19/2002
6486 Re: Should we ban student politics Mahbubul Karim (Sohel) Wed  6/19/2002
6477 Are AL and BNP the same party? Asif Saleh Wed  6/19/2002
6469 Re: Should We Ban Student Politics? Setara Hashem Tue  6/18/2002
6440 Re: Should We Ban Student Politics? Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta Sun  6/16/2002
6428 Re: Sony's Life: Price of Misleading Student Poli Avijit Roy Sat  6/15/2002
6427 Re: Sony's Life: Price of Misleading Student Poli Amit Das Sat  6/15/2002
6397 Sony's Life: Price of Misleading Student Politics Haroon Rashid Thu  6/13/2002
6350 Re: BUET student dies in crossfire Jahangir Alam Mon  6/10/2002
6338 BUET student dies in crossfire Shabbir Ahmed Sun  6/9/2002



Zayed Yasin and American Jihad:

Jihad and the youth : by Chaumtoli Huq

I do not know Mr. Yasin personally, the recent commencement speaker for Harvard, but I would like to publicly commend him for his courage and his intellectual insight. Courage to speak his opinion in times when dissent or anything controversial leads to severe retaliation. Intellectual insight because he recognizes the need for those committed to social change to define the terms of their struggle and to not to permit others to define it for him.... .(Read more)

An exegesis on ‘Jihad in Islam’ : by Syed Kamran Mirza

September Eleventh’s horrific episode has come as the big thunder out of the blue to strike the core meaning of Islam. Since then, Islamists were busy defending Islam, which according to them was hijacked by militant Islamists. For quite a while, they spent time in their futile efforts to make Islam a peaceful religion. Now they are busy again to give a wishful new meaning of Jihad. My today’s essay will be dedicated to explore the practical meaning and purpose of Islamic Jihad..... .(Read more)


  Subject Author Date
6494 An exegesis on ‘Jihad in Islam’ Syed Kamran Mirza Thu  6/20/2002
6493 Re: On Jihad and Youth Dr. Alamgir Hussain Thu  6/20/2002
6482 Re: On Jihad and Youth Aparthib Zaman Wed  6/19/2002
6443 Re: On Jihad and Youth Dr. Alamgir Husaain Sun  6/16/2002
6424 Status of poets and poetry in Islam Dr Habib Siddiqui Sat  6/15/2002
6421 Re: On Jihad and Youth Lopa Tasneem Fri  6/14/2002
6419 Jihad and Yasin on ABC Jamal Hasan Fri  6/14/2002
6414 Islam - Resistance & Reform Robin Khundkar Fri  6/14/2002
6413 Critical Scrutiny of Islam Syed Kamran Mirza Fri  6/14/2002
6407 Re: Zayed Yasin's 'American Zihad' Dr. Mainul Ahsan Thu  6/13/2002
6406 Re: On Jihad and Youth Asif Saleh Thu  6/13/2002
6405 Buried beneath the semantics Jihad has many demeaDr. A Dr. A. H. Jaffor Ullah Thu  6/13/2002
6384 Re: On Jihad and Youth Jamal Hasan Wed  6/12/2002
6383 Re: On Jihad and Youth Rahfat Hussain Wed  6/12/2002
6382 Re: Zayed Yasin's 'American Zihad' Avijit Roy Wed  6/12/2002
6365 Zayed Yasin's 'American Zihad' Lopa Tasneem Tue  6/11/2002
6364 Re: On Jihad and Youth Lucinda Rahman Tue  6/11/2002
6361 On Jihad and Youth Chaumtoli Huq Mon  6/10/2002
6354 Bangladeshi-American's speech cites "Jihad" Asif Saleh Mon  6/10/2002




Poetry in Islam:

Poetry in Islam - for Mr. Kasem:  by Lopa Tasneem  

Dear Mr. Kasem, You wrote, "Writing and reciting poetry is a great sin in Islam. If you love poetry and poets then your belly will be filled with pus." Would you please kindly elaborate on what you mean by the above comment? It may not be difficult for one to find out the vast world of poetry composed by the Muslim poets during different times of the history.. .(Read more)


  Subject Author Date
6000 Re: Poetry in Islam - for fatemolla Avijit Roy Sun  5/19/2002
5999  Poetry in Islam Aparthib Zaman Sun  5/19/2002
5998 Re: Poetry in Islam, - for Abul Kasem Shabnam Nadiya Sun  5/19/2002
5997 Re: Poetry in Islam, - for Avijit Shabnam Nadiya Sun  5/19/2002
5996 Re: Poetry in Islam - for Avijit fatemolla fatemolla Sun  5/19/2002
5989 Re: Poetry in Islam, - for Lopa and Kasem Avijit Roy Sat  5/18/2002
5988 Re: Poetry in Islam, - for Lopa Tasneem Abul Kasem Sat  5/18/2002


Re: Poetry in Islam :  by Aparthib Zaman

This debate reminds me of a similar debate in another forum where a religious apologist (A PhD) tried to make the point that Islam encouraged and PRODUCED renowned scientists in past I argued that it is not Islam which produced scientists, but the critical thinking and the inherent genius of those Muslim scientists. Then another apologist (A PhD professor) wrote an eight part.. .(Read more)



FEER article on Bangladesh:

Bangladesh Government has already decided to take action through Information and Foreign ministries against the  "propaganda against Bangladesh from abroad by a vested quarter" to taint the country's image by portraying Bangladesh a "fundamentalist" country. The decision taken by the Bangladesh Government against "hateful  propaganda" came in front following a recent report published against Bangladesh in the Hong Kong-based newspaper the Far Eastern Economic Review [BANGLADESH: A Cocoon of Terror By Bertil Lintner/DHAKA]

Voices of Reason : Rahfat Hussain

FEER article on Bangladesh: Naeem Mohaiemmen

RE: FEER article on Bangladesh: Dr. Abdul Momen

RE: FEER article/Daily Star editorial: Dr. Alamgir Hussain

Post FEER days rhetoric in Dhaka: Dr. A.H. Jaffor Ullah

RE: Post FEER days rhetoric in Dhaka: Shafiq Ahmad

FEER/Danish Aid issues - we could handle it better !:  by Dr. Alamgir Hussain  

When the horrendous handling of the FEER article issue still attracting a lot of flaks, our Govt again went about the Danish Aid withdrawal issue in its most callous way, just what was expected from our political guardians? I just wonder if we are ever going learn the educated way of handling of things. .(Read more)



 Israel-Palestine Conflict:

Arafat’s War !:  by Dr. Dr. A. H. Jaffor Ullah  

I have been following the commentary of Prof. Fouad Ajami's for a long long time. He talks from his heart and he calls spade a spade. For his no nonsense commentaries he is not liked by most Arabs.But intellectuals from Arab world like his honest views. Please read his recent The Wall Street Journal commentary very carefully and decide for yourself whether you agree with him or not on politics that Mr. Arafat plays..(Read more)

Re: Arafat’s War !:  by Subarno Shyamroy  

I would first like to ask Mr. Jaffor Ullah if the facts of truth brought forth by Noam Chomski (link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mukto-mona/message/5283 ) are "dishonest". I'm bound to ask this question, because prof. Chomski's "truths" are in sharp contrast with prof. Fouad Ajami's "truths"...(Read more)

More debate between Jaffor-Subarno on Palestine:

  Subject Author Date
5337 Re: [Palestine] Arafats War Subarno Shyamroy Mon  4/8/2002
5319 Re: [Palestine] Arafat’s War Dr. A. H. Jaffor Ullah Sun  4/7/2002


Suicide bombers : By Manzoor Cheema

I have been talking to many Muslim and Arab friends about how they view the suicide bombers and almost in all cases there is justification for their act, and that Israel left no option for Palestinians. Many people say that were it not for the recent highly efficient suicide bombings, that reduced Palestinian to Israeli death ratio (before recent Israeli offecsive in West Bank) from 13:1 to 3:1, ...(Read more)

  Replies Author Date
5467 Re: Suicide bombers Kisan Wed  4/17/2002
5479 Re: Suicide bombers Ausaf Ali Wed  4/17/2002
5495 Re: Suicide bombers Mohammad Zaman Thu  4/18/2002
5513 Re: Suicide bombers Dr. Ausaf Ali Fri  4/19/2002


Anger and helplessness of Palestinians by Kisan.

Avijit Roy tells us that the Israeli occupation is the root cause of attacks on Jews. These are caused by anger and helplessness in his words. I suggest there are other factors that an open mind would consider.. .(Read more)


  Replies Author Date
5569 Re: Anger and helplessness of Palestinians Sharon C. Tue  4/23/2002
5611 Re: Anger and helplessness of Palestinians Kisan Thu  4/25/2002
5636 Re: Anger and helplessness of Palestinians Eshon Waheed Fri  4/26/2002
5654 Re: Anger and helplessness of Palestinians Kisan Sat  4/27/2002
5660 Re: Anger and helplessness of Palestinians Eshon Waheed Mon  4/29/2002


The Racist Israelis, the Jihadi Palestinians, and the Ungrateful Bengalis by Shafiq Ahmad.

I wish to add some basic information about the Israeli legal and parliamentary systems to the well written response of the Freethinker to the questions of Dr. Omar Farooq in NFB and other forums. The Basic Laws of Israel, which is tantamount to its Constitution, forbids racial discrimination in any form. Indeed, one of the main reasons Israel does not have a written constitution is the desire to avoid discrimination on any basis, including religion.. .(Read more)

  Replies Author Date
5570 Re: The Racist Israelis, the Jihadi Palestinians, Dr. Alamgir Hussain Tue  4/23/2002


Supporting Palestinians for all the wrong reasons! by Khurshed Alam Chowdhury.

Israeli-Palestinian problem has recently reached a serious point. This is, of course, very complex problem of the past 75 years or so. I am not going to analyze the problem in details, because it is far too complicated. My purpose of penning this essay is to ask and understand why do we, the Muslims, blindly support the Palestinians. .(Read more)

Israel/Palestine conflict- My perspective : Avijit Roy


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