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Religion and women-rights:

I really wish all the religious people read their holy books once in their own language. I just don't understand how someone can still be a believer after he/she reads those fairy tale stories. I read Quran, Bible and Geeta in Bangla when I was in grade 9 and 10 and thats all I needed for the rest of my life to leave religion behind and liberate myself. How can a woman still be a Muslim after she has read Sura Nesa which describes a woman's mission in this world, nothing can be more demeaning than this!......Bonna. ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mukto-mona/message/4932


  Replies Author Date
4949 Re: Religion Afsarunnesa Sun  3/17/2002
4959 Re: Religion Nabin Mon  3/18/2002
4958 Re: Religion Lopa Tasneem Mon  3/18/2002
4965 Re: Religion Abul Kasem Tue  3/19/2002
4980 And the idiocy continues Ashraful Alam Wed  3/20/2002
5012 Re: And the idiocy continues Rafida Ahmed Bonna Fri  3/22/2002
4972 Re: Religion Afsarunnesa Tue  3/19/2002
4973 Re: Religion Afsarunnesa Tue  3/19/2002
4977 Re: Religion Avijit Roy  Tue 3/19/2002 
4988 Re: Religion Nabin Wed  3/20/2002
5007 Re: Religion Yasmin Amin Thu 3/21/2002
5013 Re: Religion Saptarshi Ray Thu 3/21/2002 
5014 Re: religion Avijit Roy Thu 3/21/2002 
5027 Re: Religion Aparthib Zaman Sat 3/ 23/ 2002

Ms. Yasmin Amin Responds to Avijit ! 

Shabnam Nadiya Replys to Ms. Amin

Aparthib Responds to Ms. Amin




Islamic and Anti-Islamic Psycho

The Islamic Psycho : By Abul Kasem

The Islamists have shocked the world once again. After the madness of 9-11, the Islamists had to show their true colour one more time. This time, they did it in the most bizarre and macabre way. They not only beheaded the Wall Street Journal's journalist, Daniel Pearl, like the slaughtering of a Qurbani (sacrificial) animal in the Islamic/halal way but also made a snuff video out of this butchery (A snuff video is a recording of actual murder and decapitation of a human body in the most detail and gory form). The only crime of this journalist was that he was a Jew..... (Read more)

  Replies Author Date
4801 Re: The Islamic Psycho fatemolla Thu  3/7/2002
4803 Re: The Islamic Psycho Muhammad Abdullah Thu  3/7/2002
4849 Re: The Islamic Psycho Gary Bradski Sat  3/9/2002
4814 Re: The Islamic Psycho Syed Yousuf Thu  3/7/2002
4828 Re: The Islamic Psycho Ashraful Alam Fri  3/8/2002

The Anti-Islamic Psycho : by Dr. Rumi Ahmed

I have no intention to go into point-by-point rebuttal of the mail of Mr. Abul Kasem, the 'Anti-Islamic Psycho'. Like those of Daniel pearl's Killers, Mr. Abul Kasem is another psychopath, reasoning is not the answer to his sickness..... (
Read more)

  Replies Author Date
4846 Re: The Anti-Islamic Psycho Dr. Audrey Manning Fri 3/8/2002 
4850 Re: The Anti-Islamic Psycho Gary Bradski Sat  3/9/2002
4851 Re: The Anti-Islamic Psycho Nazmul Ahsan Sat  3/9/2002
4860 Re: The Anti-Islamic Psycho Subarno Shyamroy Sun  3/10/2002
4863 Re: The Anti-Islamic Psycho Lopa Tasneem Sun  3/10/2002
4873 Re: The Anti-Islamic Psycho Avijit Roy Mon  3/11/2002
4888 Re: The Anti-Islamic Psycho Raman Padma Tue  3/12/2002

Re: The Islamic Psycho : By Aparthib Zaman

This message is typical of the widespread misuse of the term  "hate/hatred" or equivalently the expression "spreading hate/hatred".  This is nothing but a fallacy of appeal to emotion where a negative reaction is aroused sheerly by the repeated usage of emotive expression to label an opinion or writing..... (Read more)

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