Guidelines for Mukto-mona


Dear Members,

The following guidelines will be followed for the eligibility of a message to be posted in the forum. We request that you read the guidelines very carefully and try your best to abide by them. If you have any question or concern, then please write to us. Thanks.

1. We reserve the right to not post messages that are abusive, hateful, off-topic, duplicate and insulting to a race, religion or person.
2. We would try to post not more than 15 messages per day. Messages may be rejected at the discretion of the moderators. Considering the large number of emails we receive from you at times, we may not be able to post each and every message or to explain to the members the reasons for rejecting each message. In that case we would just pick and choose the messages we consider most relevant to the scenario at that time. We hope that the members would not take this issue negatively.
3. A message has to be at least more than three sentences to be eligible for posting.
4. Mukto-mona does not endorse with any of the member's post.
5. We do not allow obscene, racist or sexually explicit language.
6. Any form of religious preaching will not be posted.
7. Personal attacks are strongly discouraged. A message maybe rejected on the ground of personal attack.
8. We reserve the right to close a thread if a debate/discussion gets unnecessarily lengthy or turns into personal attacks.
9. We may not post a message that humiliates/offends a struggle of the oppressed.
10. From now on, a new member requires to submit his/her full name for posting a message. If any of you prefers to have a pen name, please write to the moderator and your original name will not be published in the forum. We suggest not to choose a pen name that is offensive to any race, religion or person.


If a member writes abusive email to another member personally as a result of a debate in Mukto-mona, we would take the name off of that abusive email writer from Mukto-mona. We request that you express your disagreement on the forum and do not write personal emails to a member. If any of you receive email containing threat/ abuse/ hate, then please forward the email to us and we will take necessary action(s).


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